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7 months ago

Selection of Supernova Hackathon Finalists

Hi there 


Thank you for participating in the inaugural Internet Computer Supernova Global Hackathon — with close to 4,000 developers building amazing Web3 projects! A team of DFINITY cryptographers and engineers, as well as judges have completed their review of every submission, and have selected the finalists who will present during the hackathon’s Demo Day on June 30.


If your team was selected, congratulations — you will receive an email from DFINITY with instructions and next steps. Please check your inbox and/or spam folder. 


We received hundreds of outstanding ICP-based projects, and selecting finalists was unbelievably difficult. If you weren’t selected as a finalist, know that you and your team are still early in our inevitable transition to Web3, as well as adopting powerful new blockchain technologies like the Internet Computer. We encourage you to keep building and apply to the DFINITY Developer Grant Program, which provides non-dilutive funding to entrepreneurs and developer teams building amazing Web3 projects on the Internet Computer.


Meanwhile, please join us for Supernova’s Demo Day on June 30 at 8am PT and watch your fellow developers present their projects. 



Keep BUIDLing and see you soon!