•   8 months ago

Browser wallet for DFX?

What is the equivalent of Metamask for DFX? That is, something you can pop up via a client side Javascript call to present the user with a transaction for confirmation that executes an action on the ICP? If DFX uses a completely different paradigm, please link me to the document that explains how that paradigm works.


  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hey there, currently you can use Plug, which is the most similar to Metamask. https://docs.plugwallet.ooo/
    There are other options as well like Stoic (https://www.stoicwallet.com/) or Earth Wallet https://www.earthwallet.io/

    My recommendation for implementing is in the order I mentioned. If you only need one, the easiest is to go with Plug.

  •   •   8 months ago

    Thanks. For the contest, is it sufficient to just use the StealthEx API and make a swap dApp, or do you need a full ICP canister implementation?

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