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Deployment of Project : How should alpha versions be deployed? (if future changes will be made to the smart contracts)

Hello friends!
If my project is still going to be an alpha version where more features will be added in the near future (most likely the motoko smart contracts will be modified)
1) Is it a prerequisite to deploy my project?
2) How or where should I deploy my project? Should I just get a domain and host it somewhere in the meantime?

Thanks alot for the info! Really appreciate it!


  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hey Crypto Viking (nice username!),

    If you plan on continuing to work on your dapp between the 20th and 30th of June, I would suggest to keep the live canister the same as the code / demo you submitted. You could then either 1) work on it locally and deploy it to the main net only after demo day, so we can be certain the judges see the same version of the dapp live as the one you submitted or 2) deploy the same dapp with a new canister id that we know nothing about that you can work on on the live main net.

    Completely up to you, and we of course encourage you to change anything as you wish after demo day and to apply for a grant if you want to continue development on your dapp. Unless you have other opportunities from VCs in the meantime which is also possible.

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    Excellent!!! I i will have this in mind.

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