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I have a question about the video that needs to be uploaded. Is this a screencast video showing the functionalities (without sound?) or is the idea to upload a marketing video? How long should the video last (min / max)?

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    Imagine this video as if you were giving a presentation about your product to judges and DFINITY team members. That means you can record the screen, and while you're walking through the product you can explain the idea behind the feature, how you achieved it, what kinds of creative technical solutions you came up to solve different problems and so on.

    So an overview of the features of the product and a short high level technical explanation. While judges might not be interested in very detailed overview of your technical solution, they would like to hear things about canister architectures or how you used Unity for example if you built the game, or how you optimized it.

    Video is min 5 mins, and while there is no maximum, I think going beyond 15 mins is not necessary.

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    Dear Andras

    Thank you very much for your clear and detailed explanations.

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