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How can we make sure that there is not cheating when working on a project so everybody gets rewarded?

Hello everybody!
If I join a team here in the Hackathon, what assures me that the team I choose and contribute to, will register my participation when the project is finished?
In other words, what assurances do we have that we will be rewarded if my team wins? Can the team leader or a member just bail out halfway or submit it himself in the end?


  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    For this issue I see no 100% solution that would work. DFINITY is responsible for sending out funds for prize winner teams and not for the distribution of these funds afterwords. If you're afraid that this could be an issue down the line, what you could do is to draft a contract that team members would have to sign that states how you distribute funds among team members.

    Besides that it would be ideal to find a team or get to know a team well enough to be able to trust them. I hope this helps!

  • Private user

    Private user   •   8 months ago

    Makes sense! I will also follow this advice

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